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How to get better in gaming!?

You can't get a promotion in your league or you can't figure out the reason why you lose?!
This is the right place to be then.
You might think getting good in gaming is something you do overnight or in a few games.
Wrong it requires dedication it requires the right mindset.
Alot of people make the wrong choices or act the wrong way wich keeps them from achieving their goals.

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People get angry way too quickly and when they get mad they'll troll the game or talk trash to other players.
They think their playstyle is perfect and they don't make misstakes but they do else they wouldn't lose.
The misstake is the fact they won't  accept their misstakes and learn out of it.
They see losing as a waste of time as something frustrating but that is all based on a bad perspective.
Alot of gamers play with a bad mindset wich is the cause of them getting stuck in a specific league, rating of any kind.
In fact when you ask them about their misstakes they won't mention their mindset.
If you ask them on what level they play they'll often say higher than they actually do.
They'll often compare their skills to scores but they won't see the true point of the game.
Having a good score won't exactly say how good you are.
Completing the objective will.
They often don't see the objective as in capture the flag.
Some will still base their skill on score but it's not about the score.
It's all about the ending, if you did what you had to do in your way there is nothing to blame you on.
Well there is if you're a trash talker or someone who rages alot.

Raging is a bad habit why exactly you might ask.
Cuz you will fill your mind with hatred instead of focussing & concentrating on the game.
wich is obviously one of those mistakes that noone sees.
But playing with a clear mind doesn't only give you more advantages later on.
No it also helps you to achieve the possiblity and capability to learn more and progress.
You see progress will come along with research cuz you'll have to know your game before you can actualy progress.
Knowing the fundamentals is a good start.
Actualy it's one of the best things you can start with since people often don't see how important it is.
For example League of legends if you don't know how to build you won't be able to maximize your damage and get the best you can be.
Starcraft 2 if you don't know any unit counter you'll get run over.
Counterstrike if you don't know how to handle the recoil you won't hing anything.
World of tanks if you don't exactly know how to position your tank and how to work with it.
You won't do anything valuable.
Every game has their fundamentals and it's a big factor.

If you lose you always should watch a form of replay.
You can always analyse where you went in the wrong.
You can see your misstakes and the next game you'll try to fix it.
Misstakes are human and so is losing.
So don't start raging when someone else makes a misstake.
Rage will be the cause of your misstakes to.
While you could spend your time to concentrate to win.
You'll see when you don't give up too quickly.
And when you don't talk trash to your team members.
You'll have a much better chance of winning and progressing.
Alot of people will see Losing as something bad but actualy it's something usefull.
You can learn alot out of it.


When someone wins they'll often think they played perfectly.
That is not true noone ever does so don't get arrogant and think you never make misstakes no.
I ask you to THINK about your MISSTAKES write them down eventually.
Even wins you'll have to analyse i'm not talking about these obvious wins No.
I'm talking about those wins where you had a hard time winning.
Winning is more fun than losing and usually they won't rage.
Even though they make the same stupid misstakes but so do their enemies.
It's funny cuz they never dissrespect once they win but if they lose their team members are their new enemies.
Winning is as usefull as losing only when you look at it from the right perspective.
You just need to understand the misstakes you make.
You can only know your misstakes if you have knowledge about the fundamentals.
Else you can just look at ur replay but you won't notice anything.
Most games have a wiki of their game so you can find usefull information there.


You might think let's do research and read everything you can.
But most off the time you'll end up reading the lore or some useless information.
You'll have to know what you're looking for don't missunderstand me.
Sometimes research can be something you experience for example testing the weapons recoil.
The cooldown and influence of certain items on spells.
The influence of certain items to counter certain items.
The effect of stats and how to boost these.
People usually forget these things they forget the importance of those things.
But actually this is the most important factor to improve.
In starcraft pro players know howlong it takes to make every unit, building, upgrade.
On league of legends pro players know how a certain item influence their character.
In fact most pro players know the game that well as if they helped develop the game.
Wich in rare VERY RARE cases they might have done.
But well that's why it's so nice to watch pro players playing since their level of playing is different.
They think in a different unique way and are not scared to do something original.
They prevent those tiny misstakes and aim at succes.

zaterdag 22 oktober 2016

Minecraft build craft MOD REVIEW

Minecraft build craft MOD REVIEW

We all know minecraft is Awesome but what if i say mods can make it even better than it already is?

Minecraft is pretty awesome and we all know that, the way you can build and twist around the concept.
All building items are blocks so they're cubes BUT EVEN WITH CUBES people succeed to make circles.
Even scientists are doing research about why so many people even older people love the game.
We all know microsoft bought Minecraft from notch but they didn't change a thing so that's great.
The game is kid friendly and can be played by everyone still it requires creativity.
It requires patience, knowledge and ofcourse creativity.
People build BIG COUNTRIES or remake buildings, cities anything they want.
Someone spent 4,5 years on building a world, it looks great !

You can read more about that here 

Yeh it requires alot of time if you want to build VERY BIG things but it can be a complicated game either.
I found a mod wich can make some of those things faster and gives you the possibility to automate some things and even start factories.
Incredible to play with friends & building a economy.


You can download the mod here :
The mod is great since you'll start off with the same things as minecraft let you start with.
NOTHING except if you turn on the bonus chest you'll get a axe etc and pickaxe etc.

They'll add alot of different machines and stuff in it wich can give you alot of more opportunities.
What if farming doesn't take as long as it used to since you can use a fertilizer? 
What if you don't have to plant all by yourself or need a villager for it  you can just use a planter?
What if you don't have to harvest anything and it'll be done by a harvester?

The mod itself is great and i used to play it alot like ALOT it is one... No it is my favorite mod.
It's best to combine this with industrial craft so you can modify your world a bit more.
Perhaps add the mod where you can go to mars wich is great.

Minecraft build craft MOD REVIEW
I used to automate my mineshaft item transfering, so i could go and mine and let it all go up to my base so i didn't had to waste any time running back up.
It's not just the autmatisation but you can do so much different things and it gives the game a new challenge.
I seriously love challenges and i am a builder in my hearth.

You have 3 type minecraft players. 


People who spent hours building with passion and rebuilding their projects when it's not perfect.
They have alot of knowledge about the blocks ( mob spawning etc ) and they know perfectly what is possible.
They teach us that the fact that everything is a cube doesn't matter even a bit and doesn't count as a boundary.
There are no limits.

Survival players!

Those people have alot of knowledge about the game in general and perfectly know how to survive and what is the smartest thing to do.
They know how to build farms from a to Z so they show us that you can start with nothing but end up with everything.
Survival players can be professional builders and the other way around to.
Since you need some experience in building anyway.
The point is in survival your stuff doesn't need to look great but having great stuff makes the game more fun at the end.

Redstone players

Remember that you can be all 3 and most people will be but redstone is one of my favorite things.
This is where knowledge is a big factor you see.
You don't need buildcraft to automate things but it makes things easier.
Since you can use redstone to practically do anything in the game like ANYTHING.
You need to know alot about the game you can't just place a bit of redstone with the hope it'll work cuz it won't unless you're powering a piston.
The game itselves requires alot of knowledge especially when redstone comes into play.
Someone even made a computer with REDSTONE in the game wich is awesome 
It's awesome what you can do with it and again they show us how you can bypass the limits in the game.
With a bit of programation knowledge you can even go further and use the command block wich is great since you'll end up with nicer and bigger creations.

What is the fun in automating things?

Well in fact alot of things since you can just build whatever you want while being proud cuz you don't play in creative but still end up with big creations.
The fun thing about buildcraft  they give you this industrial feeling and also the factories you can build are nice.
When playing with friends you can trade resources and even start BIG shops with friends etc.
I used to do this and it worked out great with the rule ONLY ONE RESOURCE YOU CAN PRODUCE IN BIG SCALE.
So we wouldn't ruin the economic part.

Einstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge.

Minecraft build craft MOD REVIEW In one way this quotes fit with the game since you need alot of imagination and you can do tons without the required knowledge.
This is one of the most inspirational quotes i've ever read.
I can tell you all you need for minecraft is creativity.
All you need for buildcraft ? Is imagination.
The game isn't expensive and you can find tons of cracked downloads on the web if you want.
I love the buildcraft mod and i think you should play or atleast try it either.
Cuz it's one of the most fun mods i've ever tried.

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Battlefield 1 Review.

Do you want to play battlefield 1 and you have no money ? Or you don't know if it's worth buying anyway ? 


The gameplay is awesome it looks very realistic even the miniscule gun is fun to play with.
It takes the first peron shooting experience way back but still gives it a original twist.
Actualy alot of players do love the world war 1 aspect.
If you look at call of duty you have alot of features.
Jetpacks wich gives you the capability to fly over a decent distance.
You can even walk on a wall while shooting and combine it with flying.
In the new not yet released call of duty you can even stealth.


In battlefield they actualy downgrade every weapon so instead of the futuristic playstyle you have to deal with oldschool weapons.
Oldschool methods and reexperience world war 1.
It wasn't a fun time to live in and everyone knows that but you can give your twist to it now.
I personally love the game and to win a game is a bit hard since everyone is commiting very hard.

Roleplay in Battlefield 1 ?!

Yes as uncommon it might sound some people love to roleplay during their game.
This is a boost to your teamplay since they act as if they're in a real war.
Ofcourse you take a spot in a world war and everyone has their job to do.
Make sure you communicate with your team even OVERDO it if you like to.
Just make sure you give your information.
If there is some kid trash talking about the way you play and laughing with you?
Ignore even mute him and block every communication with this player.
Mature people will LOVE the way you communicate since good communication can lead to a win.
So roleplaying partly is a good factor, ofcourse it's up to you to play how you want.
And it's all up to you to communicate with your team or not at all.

Horses in battlefield 1 ?!

Yes, maybe you don't know this but a long time ago they didn't use tanks and jeeps to transport their units.
Ofcourse they had tanks but they wouldn't waste space for transporting as it is no transporting vechile.
Horses were the main transport vechile back then even though horses are animals they've been used in slaugther and wars.
Well alot of horses died but they used to steal horses from each other to.
Horses are expensive animals so when you can steal a few it is less expensive.
Why did these horses even commit and didn't run away?
Some horses might run away when people start shooting but it's like this.
A horse will go where you tell him to go, they won't think about the enviroment they'll go to.
They won't think about the deeds they'll help to commit.

Also swords were being used alot back then.
World war 1 was the war that made countries advance to a more modern army.
World war 2 however was a dirty war.

NO WAR IS GOOD don't get me wrong.
But the game & the concept is.
I realy like the horses even the maps are great.
The planes are one of my favorite vechiles in the game cuz back then you had basic planes.
Planes were being used for dirty tasks but they were highly used.
The king of belgium back then is even very known cuz of the fact he fought with the army.
ALBERT 1 was a noble man who decided to not sit back and watch.
No he actualy made the decission to fight with the army and to fight for his throne.
He did well, and you'll see alot of statues and portraits about him.


I personally love the game and it was the best download i've ever done FPS based.
Ofcourse i am and i will always be a strategy gamer and i'll do alot of reviews on that.
I'm even practicing hardcore to reach professional on starcraft 2 as i've reached diamond league.
I won't go for a competetive play on battlefield 1 but it is one of the best games to kill my time.
One of my favorite games actually.
If you have nothing to do watching your computer screen hoping something usefull would pop up on your facebook : is my facebook btw feel free to add me.
I think alot of people didn't had that high expectation before the first realistic trailer was released.
I personally was pumped and instantly downloaded the game.
Some friends of me succeed with cracking the game wich made the game free to play for me.
Note: Everything i've said here is based on my opinion and only mine, you might dislike or like the game that is up to you.

If you don't like it feel free to leave it that way and don't play it, if you do like it however than please leave a +1 behind so atleast we can keep the blog running.
So if you like this post and you want to play the game simply download it and make sure you make a difference.
Fight for your country and kick some ass in the most recent and new battlefield 1 get a plane, tank or even a horse and kill some players.
Make sure you have fun and you do it in a nice and kind way cuz the thing i always say is :

Gaming is Fun KEEP IT FUN

Don't ruin the game for others and don't ruin it for yourself cuz if you ruin it for others you might laugh at that moment but you will get pissed.
So don't ruin the game for anyone and keep the fun consistent, if people talk trash have a laugh over it and block them.

FREE CRACKED PC VERSION | Battlefield 1 ! 

Follow the instructions below.

Step 1 : +1 and share this post.Step 2 : click download.Step 3 :  verify yourself with real information.Step 4 : have fun!


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Pokemon alpha saphire review |Free pokemon x PC version

What ? Pokémon secrets knows about ? EXACTLY READ MORE RIGHT NOW !

Pokemon alpha saphire review | Free pokemon x PC version

What is pokemon alpha saphire

Instead of progressing they actualy threw back the game and made a pokémon saphire remake (3th generation ).
People who bought the first gameboy advanced for sure do know this game.
They added some special features and ofcourse they kept the graphics.

For sure the game is very nice since i do love pokémon games and i love every generation.
You'll start the game with the possibility to choose between 3 pokémon these are called starters.
People used to say and discuss the fact they remake Saphire and Ruby they said it would be X and Y in a ruby / saphire version.
With that mindset you can say every pokémon game is similair to each other.
I honestly think this game is awesome and gives a cool twist to pokémon saphire.

It actualy makes it more fun, challenging to play it like this.
I remember myself playing this game, i told myself i would play 1 hour a day it ended up with me playing 24 hours before i went to bed.

The game is addictive and very kid friendly, i think everyone is able to play this game but doesn't take away the fact that not everyone is able to be a pro gamer on it.

Can i become a pro gamer on pokémon?

Yes you can but you'll need alot of knowledge about batteling and you need to know how to get the right pokemon with the best stats as possible.
You'll need to make a team that fits together perfectly but also fits your style.
 If you make a team that doesn't fit your style you won't like it and eventually get demotivated.
Ofcourse if it's a good team and you'll win alot at start you might like it for a bit.

The point is that you'll have to go for a long term team cuz you won't be able to remake your team every time.
Well you are but that takes alot of time since you have to train EV.
Ofcourse your pokemon needs the best IV stats as possible.

You do want the best stats and you do want the best attacks so you need to farm TM's or do it another way.
Trading pokémons is also a way if the person you're trading with has the right pokémon with good stats.

When you play ranked you'll be judged on rating, so winning is a must.
Does this mean that losing is bad ? OFCOURSE NOT.
If you lose have yourself in the right mindset and try to learn out of it.

The reason why most players are not capable of reaching the pro league is very simple.
When they lose they'll have 10000 reasons to judge it but there is one good reason why they lost.
They weren't as good as their opponent and that's it when you accept that fact ?
You can actualy learn out of it and develop a new style out of it.
Develop a new skillset out of it .

There was this pokémon player winning a tournament with a pachurishu everyone was laughing at the start.
But he knew how to abuse that pokémon to his advantage and literaly owned every player.
Hé was able to build a fan base in one night all cuz of his originalty.
All cuz he was so smart to actualy DARE and try something NEW.

People often try and build a team based on the META but is that the right thing ?
Why would you build exactly like others and not just a team that counters others.
A team that fits you, a team you like playing and not just for winning.

You can win 1000 times and still learn nothing you can lose once and the experience will be overwhelming you.


The region for alpha will still be the same just as the storyline so it's quite easy to start and actualy finish it.
With a bit of dedication you can finish this in a day but you'll need to spend a bit of time on it.
All you need ? is a pair of brains and google to eventually research some things.
Don't forget to search of potential items as moonstones etc.

Every game has their hiding spots in every region so make sure you search on google.
Leaving these behind is pretty huge don't do that abuse everything you can to your advantage.

Competetive still good on Alpha?

Well, i would say no since sun & moon are getting released very soon.
Alot of people will convert to sun & moon.
If i was you however i would farm alot of pokemons cuz if i was right you would be able to transfer your pokémons.
Easy just like that awesome right.
Now you might think i just win every gym than.
Pokémon is not that stupid normally you'll have to complete pokémon league first ( elite four ).
Before you can make use off these features.

I think if you want to go pro you should farm some pokémons you want now and already do some research about the new pokémons.
For example did you know vulpix will be an icetype in pokémon sun & moon?
Weird right well pokémon there are adapting to their enviroment this doesn't mean your pokémon will change.
No, it means every pokemon you see there might be different to those you once caught.
I think this gives the game much more variety in competetive play and also  much more structure.
People will be more original since there is more choice than before.


You just have to follow the instructions below to get hooked up with a nitendo 3ds  emulator wich allows you to play the pokemon x ROM.We made sure your packet had all the necessary things in it.Step 1 : +1 and comment working on this post.Step 2 : click download.Step 3 : verify yourself with real informationStep 4 : have fun.

Pokemon alpha saphire review | Free pokemon x PC version

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Age of Empires 2  conquerors review

What is age of empires and how can i get it for free instead of spending $20 ? 
Easy, just keep reading you'll get there!

What is age of empires 2 ?

Age of empires 2 conquerors is the expansion of age of empires 2 age of kings.
The game itself looks old and believe me it is but it still is a popular game.
You might ask yourself if it's that popular than why didn't i hear about it ?
Cuz the community based on age of empires is very thight.
A very trustworthy group all playing on voobly a 3th person hosting program.

Age of empires is a medival based strategy game, a very hard game to compete with good players.
Yes, the game still has a active competetive community with tournament prices up to 1-5K each tournament.
This vid is about 2 pro players, the viper an known super player just as Dogao.
Maybe watching this game might give you a idea about the gameplay.
Just as starcraft every civilization has their specialities requiring a different build orders.
The biggest difference is the amount of upgrades , units and buildings.
Age of empires is a more late game based strategy game and games can easy take up to 1 hour.
You'll start off with a few villagers these can buy buildings or gather resources for you.
You'll need Gold, Wood, Food, Stone and you'll see later on how important each of those resources are. Howmuch you get of each of those  is depending on the build order you use to start with and how the game develops itself.
Is your enemy being agressive you build the right counter unit and some defensive building wich might require some gold, food, stone. Some units even cost wood.
For example if someone is going for cavalery you better go for spearmen cuz they're great against cavalery.
If you combine these spearman with some artilery or other units you might even crush your opponent.


Age of Empires 2  conquerors reviewThe campagin are alot of different ocassions, scenario's the goal is conqueror each of those missions with a strategy.
You might think a strategy isn't necessary but it actualy is.
Some missions might even look impossible but none of those missions are impossible.
They just require a good strategy and a captain who is able to adapt him/herself to different situations. Note that the campaign is different than age of empires 2 age of kings.
The campaign has alot of challenges for you and some might take very long to complete.
That's perhaps why you see youtube videos with alot of parts on it.
Why ? there are ALOT of missions you have to complete before you actualy .

Create a world of your Own.

Yes, on age of empires 2 conquerors you are able to build a world for yourself.
You can decide what your enemies start with and what your army will be.
You can even place every tree every rock every animal yourself.
It's even possible to add gaia and relics into the game so you can build a whole story all by yourself.
Age of Empires 2  conquerors review

Why did they add this feature?

Alot of people want to remake lord of the rings or some ancient wars in this game and this actualy gives them the possibility to start and create their version of the wars.
This gives people the possbility to relive the wars as if they were there.
They update the map editor as much as they can but alot of fans make patches for this game to.
Cuz the game is very old they ain't spending super much attention to these games.
Age of Empires 2  conquerors review
You can make worlds for online games to and make a very cool world with alot of obstacles and make a challenging map.
For some tournaments they do this just to make the game go more different.


Age of empires is based on the medival wars so you can pick out of the countries who were big and active in war either getting attacked or were attacking.
Every civilization has their specialisation based on real facts.
The game is made based on what we know from the medival time.

You can either be great or die trying , you'll have to face castles whole cities and warriors.
A player can also win by building a wonder wich is a religious building based on the religion of the civilization from real life.
Some civilizations also have specific bonuses for example gathering food faster, some have to spend less wood.
No civilization is bad even though some bad players might say there are.
The goal is to use the bonuses to your advantage and use their units to your advantage.
Some civilizations have better cavalery so you'll have to counter this with your units.


Micro is your unit management, a good player can use his units to the fullest and not just click attack.
No there are alot of different aspects for example dodging arrows.
Kiting units and abusing your units to your advantage.
A bad player will just stand and get hit by anything and his units will die much easier than a good player.
If you're good your play will almost look as dancing, almost no mistakes or well that is the goal everybody makes misstakes.


Macro is basically your production, the point is to keep all your buildings producing.
If you're fighting and you don't use hotkeys to keep producing you'll fall behind cuz bad players will lose all their units and have nothing left.
A good player will or might die with his troops but his buildings keep producing wich causes him to have defence at home or he'll have reinforcements to finish the game.
Cuz if you keep producing you don't waste time.
The key to keep your production up is to spend your resources.
Never bank your resources always try to spend them.
Build extra barracks or any kind of building.


If you want this game for free follow the instructions below!

Step 1 : +1 this post and comment "Thankyou"
Step 2 : Click download
Step 3 : Verify yourself with real information
Step 4 : have fun !

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Pokemon x vs Moon!?

pokemon x vs moon ! | free pokemon x pc version !
All the info you need you'll find right here!
We'll talk about the whole concept, including pokemon adaption.
The region is based on exotic islands.
It's something different than usual and i love it.
Note that moon and sun have 12 hour difference between each other.
This means it can be dark in moon and light in sun and the other way around.
I like the way how they took this concept and overwhelmed everyone cuz noone was expecting such a great game since pokémon go wasn't that great and cossistent.

Pokemon GBA hacks FREE DOWNLOAD !?

pokemon x vs moon ! | free pokemon x pc version !

site 1 : 2 : 

( highly visited )

The sites named above do provide you with links for every gameboy advanced hack ( remake ) off pokemon, alot of fanmade pokemon games.

You need a GBA emulator for this and you can find that here

These sites are very trust worthy as i've been using them by myself.


Totem pokemon are new recently added pokemons in pokémon moon & sun.
Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !While you're progressing in the game you'll have to overcome and complete the island challenge, you need to overcome 4 trails with each of them having their challenges.
At the end of each trail you'll find a totem pokemon.
The difference between totem pokemon and normal pokémon?!
  • The aura they have around them
  • They're larger than normal pokemons
  • They summon ally's while fighting

They're harder to beat in a few ways now don't think it'll be just batteling in the island challenge.
No you'll have to overcome challenges that'll come in all forms.

As you'll see pokemon moon is different in alot of ways, this island challenge is just a beginning at the pokemon sun moon site you can find a demo.
here you can experience the game yourself.


Pokémon x

Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !
  • Froakie ( water ) 
  • Fennekin  ( fire ) 
  • chespin ( grass )

Pokémon moon

Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !
  • Popplio ( water )
  • Litten ( fire )
  • Rowlet ( grass )

I'm looking forward to litten she looks very cool usually i pick the water type but i think i go with fire this time.
I think the pokemon x starters were also great pokemons especially froakie, i realy love greninja.
Even though i think Fennekin is a great fire pokémon and chespin a great grass type.
I used to farm all starters and i'll do the same now.

Maybe i'll breed them and give some away !

For those who like to read my posts this might be something sweet since i always try and breed battle ready pokémon.
Pokémon with 6x6 IV, you'll have to train the EV yourself.

Pokemon moon.


Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !You'll start off in a new region Alola.
When they release Pokémon sun and moon it'll also be a special moment for pokemon fire and red.
Cuz it'll be their 20th aniversary.
Yes 20 year ago Pokémon red and blue overwhelmed teens.
I'm sure everyone remembers those games.
If not you can find a link to GBA HACKS on top of the article, it'll be great to play.
I'm sure most teens born in 1990 or before all know this game, people till 2000 might even know the game it was very popular till they overwhelmed us with the gameboy advanced and came with  emerald and ruby.
The first gameboys with a good set of colors everyone thought it was great and everyone was playing it.

Pokemons are adapting?!

Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !
Some pokémon are even adapting to the enviroment, you'll see pokémons in different colors, maybe different attacks , types.
They have to survive in this region so just as humans they adapt to their enviroment.
You might even see things you've never seen before.
On each island you'll find a different variaty of pokemons.
The goal is to get some native pokémons on each island.
Pokémons that live and used to live there for a very long time, something like native americans as we say. They want to achieve this perspective with pokemons wich is great ofcourse since pokémon are great and we'll see tons of pokémons we have never met before. I am excited for real ! but who isn't right.
Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !
Here you'll see how vulpix adapts to the alola region, he was a fire type pokémon also known because of brock in the serie.
Cuz he have to adapt he went from fire to ice, and even has a new ability named snow cloack.
Also ninetales used to be a fire type ofcourse.
Vulpix was known to be a cute fire pokémon wich could be very powerfull as we've seen in the pokémon serie.
Everyone used to love vulpix so much since brock had one.
I even went to breed tons of vulpix to get one ready to battle that was fun though i like breeding.


You'll download a pack with a 3DS emulator an emulator is software that simulates a 3DS wich gives you the possibility to play pokemon x or any game related to a 3DS wich is great and hard to find.
Why do you have to verify yourself? We don't want bots to overload our servers since that'll get us offline and noone likes that, we want to work as fast as possible and we hope you guys will like it
To download pokemon x ( PC ONLY ) follow the instructions below.

Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !

Step 1 : +1 and share this post on facebook.
Step 2 : click download
Step 3 : verify yourself ( real information else the download won't be available )
Step 4 : Have fun !

Pokemon x vs moon ! |free pokemon x pc version !
Voor de nederlandse mensen | for the dutch people : je moet echt eens bekijken een geweldige blogger die uitlegt hoe je pokemon moon gratis speelt !

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